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Adhere to the high-end bearing manufacturing process, quality and professional services.

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C bearing production line
Production line

Fully automated manufacturing and installation system

Dozens of professional precision bearing high-end quality production lines to ensure quality and output.

C bearing quality system

Strict bearing quality control system

Professional engineers and technicians, excellent equipment and perfect testing equipment.

Featured Bearing Products

timken 19405

timken 19405|19405 seal

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TEMCO 13401-66021

TEMCO 13401-66021|13401-66021

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timken 29311

timken 29311|29311 seal

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timken ACDEL

timken ACDEL|ACDEL seal

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timken 5200

timken 5200|5200 seal

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timken 43054S

timken 43054S|43054S seal

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timken NOK

timken NOK|NOK seal

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timken 34X54X9

timken 34X54X9|34X54X9 seal

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timken GAL

timken GAL|GAL seal

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timken 416556

timken 416556|416556 seal

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PIC MHS7-55|MHS7-55 bearing

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PIC MSG20-90

PIC MSG20-90|MSG20-90 bearing

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timken 471341

timken 471341|471341 seal

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timken 51X1962

timken 51X1962|51X1962 seal

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timken GARLK

timken GARLK|GARLK seal

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timken 413248

timken 413248|413248 seal

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PIC D3-1000

PIC D3-1000|D3-1000 bearing

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PIC J21-45

PIC J21-45|J21-45 bearing

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timken 528367

timken 528367|528367 seal

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timken WHITE

timken WHITE|WHITE seal

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timken 473179

timken 473179|473179 seal

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PIC PT019G08L15N

PIC PT019G08L15N|PT019G08L15N bearing

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timken AB1334F0

timken AB1334F0|AB1334F0 seal

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